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    i love you for everything you ever took from me.

    i love you for the way you dominate & violate me.

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    Funny Stuff you like?

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Happy Easter.

    my lifee is a joke.

    my boyfriend is never around anymore.

    i can’t get through a day without drinking.

    i want something that i know i’ll never have.


    dog fashion disco is back as dog fashion disco. not polkadot cadaver. and they’re fucking touring, but of course they’re not coming anywhere close.

    i legit wanna cry. i’m pretty sure dfd & pc is all i fucking listen to.




    There is a man out there … who rescues owls …

    hope in humanity restored.

    I would like to court this gentleman with intention to marry.

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    i’m so tired of this cold. it’s almost april, i need warm weather.

    the cold makes me too depressed.

    tonight i’ve been thinking about everything i shouldn’t be. shit that happened so long ago. shit that happened yesterday. i don’t know why. but it’s bring me down. and making me wanna drink. i only have like half a bottle of vodka left, & jay doesn’t really want me drinking about what happened two nights ago with me throwing up everywhere. i can’t exactly blaim him though. it was bad.