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    Death dances. From The Haunted House (1929).

    (via emmeasel)


    my card keeps getting declined & i don’t know why. ): it’s really pissing me off. there’s more than enough money on it to make my purchases. ugh.

    well, on a lighter note, i finaaaally got my first pumpkin spice latte of the year. lord hallelujah. i missed these things so much.

    oh, & fellow starbucks drinkers, if ya ever wanna try something good, get a vanilla bean frappe with TWO pumps of coconut syrup. not the usual four.

    well, my birthday is saturday. & i couldn’t possibly be more “ehhhhh” about it right now. ha. but, shoutout to my dope manager who took me off the schedule for saturday. he’s too sweet. 

    http://amzn.com/w/1XD8OG7BWFXKH <— just thought i’d leave that there in case anyone wants to get me a birthday present. (; finally got my wishlist working. (:


(via Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Pumpkin King Scarecrow)

The Great Pumpkin Blaze_5099 by Kimberly Quintano on Flickr.